Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fond Of Ice-Hockey, First PAK-FA Pilot Underwent 400 Trg Hrs Before Debut Flight!

This 49-yr old has flown 70 out of the 80 sorties, so far flown by both PAK-FA/T-50 prototypes. Sergey Bogdan, made history last January by becoming the first fifth generation Russian pilot, and did so again last month by zooming past in front of crowds demonstrating manouvers for 20 mins in the T-50-0. He is fond of ice-hockey, but stops playing two weeks before a major show like MAKC. He says there are no restrictions on him otherwise, like riding a bike etc or indulging in sports of his choice, like ice-hockey.

He retired a full Colonel from service after which he's been a test-pilot with Sukhoi. He underwent 400 training hours before his first flight, and said that the aircraft got airborne after 240 ground runs! He has 4500 hours behind him on Su-17, MiG-29, Mig-23, Su-25, L-29, L-39 and Yak-130 (all put together).

Bogdan has pulled a maximum of 5G in T-50, and said the reason behind it, was that it was a new system under testing, which is why they were not allowed beyond 5G. Bogdan said he had no difficulty in taking T-50 to any altitude, and he had gone beyond 20,000 feet, and endorsed better man-machine interface in a single cockpit, rather than a twin-cockpit. Bogdan called PAK-FA and FGFA technically quite close, but said he had no idea about the J-20 or the F-22 A.

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