Friday, September 16, 2011

Ceremonial Sword Presented To RAF’s 6 Squadron !!

Originally given to the four Chiefs of Air Staff from the Eurofighter Partner nations in 2003 at Type acceptance, the presentation of the famous steel Eurofighter Typhoon sword to customer air forces has come to symbolise the collaborative strength and partnership of the Eurofighter community and mark significant milestones along the lifetime of the programme.

Swords have a long tradition within the armed forces, being symbols of strength, precision and honour. Known as ‘Squadron Swords’ within the Air Force community, the Eurofighter sword is presented to Typhoon Squadrons to demonstrate the close cooperation between them and Industry.

On the occasion of the 2011 RAF Leuchars air show, the current home to the Royal Air Force Typhoons of 6 Squadron, Wing Commander Roddy Dennis was presented with the latest honorary sword by Eurofighter Export Director, Joe Parker.

Currently the Air Forces of Austria, Germany, Italy, Saudi, Spain and the United Kingdom, operate Eurofighter Typhoon, and they continue to enhance the capabilities and realise the full potential of the Weapon System.


Anonymous said...

tell us what the news article is about?

Anonymous said...

What does RAF squadron's award ceremony to do with Indian defense?