Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Romeo Force,Army Wash Their Hands Off The Soldier Involved In Fake Encounter Killing Of Surankote!

As was expected Romeo Force (Rajouri) and the army have distanced themselves from Sepoy Abdul Majid,who was involved in the fake encounter killing of Surankote in which a local boy was killed in a fake encounter and passed off as a militant. They say TA is not part of the army.If this TA was under the command and control of 6and 13 Sectors in Romeo Force and 14 Sector in Uniform Force,then when an incident takes place, how can they distance themselves.They've said that the Sepoy did it on his own. Not possible atleast in the Indian army. Looks like Major General G S Shergill--the Romeo Force Commander--who is under fire because of this, is eyeing his next and subsequent promotions, which seem to have come under the scanner!

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Synapse said...

Typical of most senior officers