Thursday, August 4, 2011

*Flash* : Soon After Indo-Pak Talks, Pakistan's Border Area Team (BAT) Behead Indian Soldiers In Kupwara's 28 Div !!

Pakistan's Border Area Team, also called BAT, stormed inside Kupwara's 19 Rajput battalion, while handing-taking over was on between 19 Rajput and 20 Kumaon in 28 Div, and beheaded four Indian soldiers and have taken their heads along with them to the other side. The incident took place on August 1, 2011.

The army report mentions four soldiers being beheaded. Sad indeed. Not confirmed whether the soldiers are from 19 Rajput or from 20 Kumaon. The Army chief too is from the Rajput regiment. Anyway whichever unit it is, the CO's fate of that unit is sealed. He can go home now! What a shame, especially after a week of the Indo-Pak talks.

RIP braves!


Anonymous said...

can you confirm this news???

Shashank said...

It will be greatly appreciated if you give some indication about the source of this news. Is the government trying to downplay such incidents.

Suman Sharma said...

It is confirmed...the beheaded soldiers are from the 19th Rajput battalion! Yes the Govt is trying to brush it under the carpet.

preeti said...

sad news. difficult to believe that someone can do this to same brave soldiers who won kargil. I spoke to my defence friends, but no one knows about this news. which news paper has given this

Anonymous said...

somebody please inform the honorable ms nirupama rao and show the decapitated bodies to her else she might not believe this can happen ,as she firmly believes hat physical actions are a thing of the past
our leaders are sadly like ostrich with its head in the sand, amit

The Oracle! said...

What insanity is this.
Difficult to believe the gall of these Pakistanis.

Even sadder is the Spineless Indian Government trying to downplay this event...

There was no mention of this in any of the newspapers.

Sad....really sad.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Is this true? I did not find this mentioned anywhere in either newspapers or reports?

Usually, incidents like this make big news. Highly skeptical of this news, though.

And if this really happened, what was the response of the CO. Did he not go back and retaliate?